Nonprofit and Educational Video Production with heart, Clients Worldwide

Nonprofit Video Production

We understand that today's reality demands the highest-quality video production for nonprofits. To do good, you need to look good. And we help nonprofit entities do that.

We love creating story videos for our nonprofit clients, along with case studies and even high-concept tv-quality commercials. Check out our showreel and other video production samples, and contact us to get started.

Educational and College/University Video Production

We also love working with colleges and universities, and other educational institutions to create videos that help you stand out. Some of our college and university video production clients include UCLA, Marymount College, and Tufts University. One of our most recent projects was a series of videos about a new way to treat childhood autism. This was a join project between UCLA and the National Institute of Health.

Our Clients Love Us, Too

I am writing with my highest recommendation of Patrick Ortman and his video production team. Patrick and colleagues did a fantastic job with our series of therapist training videos for treating childhood autism. This UCLA/NIMH project was a complex undertaking with a ton of material, and we needed a video director and producer who "got" the details without losing sight of the big picture. Patrick worked closely with us throughout all phases of the production to deliver videos that exceeded our expectations, both creatively and technically. His dedication to the craft of filmmaking, and his team's attitude and professionalism on set were a joy. They even took a (rare for LA) rainy week of filming and turned the set into bright sunny days to better suit the material!

Patrick regularly came out to UCLA to meet with us before and after shooting the films. He was extremely attentive to detail and took our scripts and improved them, gave critical feedback, and posed extremely precise questions to permit him and his team to realize our vision on film. There were so many materials needed for our many scenes, all shot within a week, and Patrick and colleagues helped us get organized and have everything ready so there would be no delay in filming on set. Further, he was incredibly collaborative and solicited our input throughout every step of the process, including during casting and filming. When we had input on acting performances on set, Patrick took the time to understand our feedback and make adjustments on the spot. Because of this careful attention to detail, we have a large library of videos that will be turned over to the public domain in service of people with autism that we fully expect to have an important impact on clinical practice across the country. We have already begun planning for the next project with Patrick, and we couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Jeffrey Wood, PhD., Professor of Education and Psychiatry
University of California, Los Angeles

We invite you to read more testimonials (we have a ton of them). We think you'll see: we are the 'real deal'. And when you're ready to raise the bar for your company's video productions, contact us.