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We recently undertook a commercial film project with Patrick for a major US-based financial institution. Being a London-based agency we had limited contacts in the US, and took the decision to work direct with a US-based production team, rather than work via a UK studio - knowing this would be more beneficial to our budget. Having gone through a cost & feasibility process with potential suppliers we finally selected Patrick Ortman - not only due to his costs, but also his creds, ‘can do’ attitude & wealth of experience.

After extensive & well managed pre-production we arrived on set in midtown Manhattan for the shoot comforted by the sight of a full & experienced production crew.

The shoot itself was professionally managed, executed & completed – all with Patrick himself at the helm. Post production - including sound, motion graphics & music - was managed quickly & efficiently (albeit tricky due to multiple client stakeholders).

For us, Patrick was the perfect partner for our project – he is truly passionate about film, and fully understands all the processes within. He is also trustworthy & reliable – which was hugely important to us being overseas and working with significant clients. We are looking forward to future US-based productions, so we get the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team again.

Harry Scotting, CSD Vivid Lime/ICLP, UK

Patrick Ortman and his team is an extremely professional video company. From the script, to the shoot, to the editing, they adhere closely to all our needed deadlines and could grasp quickly the idea of what we wanted and created a wonderfully shot and coherent video that told a story. It incorporated all the many diverse materials that we sent to him and he was always extremely quick to respond and accomodating to all our different request and offices (from all over the world). Patrick has a great personality and was an overall delight to work with, you will always be greeted with transparency and a quick turnaround. We highly recommend Patrick for any corporate video needs.

Ken Li, President
The Waitex Group, New York

Many thanks for your patience, professionalism, preparation and collaboration over the past few years. Our business is changing every day and you and your team really helped us capture the spirit of our fast-growing start-up!

Hannah Grove, Chief Marketing Officer
iCapital Network, New York

PatrickOrtman, Inc. was on the shortlist for our TV commercials from the start. Patrick's work is excellent, and he's easy to work with. But what impressed me most was how he took a real interest in our company. He listened to my needs and wants, and he responded with ideas that fit those needs and wants. When I came back with changes, he worked with me- he did not try to force ideas that wouldn't work for us, nor did he blindly do what we asked. Instead, he took an ownership role in the process, and was a true creative partner. Of course, Patrick and his team's ability to execute on our shared vision was also highly impressive. We're very proud of the TV commercial campaign Patrick created for us, and we look forward to working with him again.

Kevin Miller, President
Westside Rentals Los Angeles

Highly adaptive and extremely enthusiastic, Patrick and his team get things done.

Tuan Mai
NZXT, Los Angeles

I am writing with my highest recommendation of Patrick Ortman and his video production team. Patrick and colleagues did a fantastic job with our series of therapist training videos for treating childhood autism. This UCLA/NIMH project was a complex undertaking with a ton of material, and we needed a video director and producer who "got" the details without losing sight of the big picture. Patrick worked closely with us throughout all phases of the production to deliver videos that exceeded our expectations, both creatively and technically. His dedication to the craft of filmmaking, and his team's attitude and professionalism on set were a joy. They even took a (rare for LA) rainy week of filming and turned the set into bright sunny days to better suit the material!

Patrick regularly came out to UCLA to meet with us before and after shooting the films. He was extremely attentive to detail and took our scripts and improved them, gave critical feedback, and posed extremely precise questions to permit him and his team to realize our vision on film. There were so many materials needed for our many scenes, all shot within a week, and Patrick and colleagues helped us get organized and have everything ready so there would be no delay in filming on set. Further, he was incredibly collaborative and solicited our input throughout every step of the process, including during casting and filming. When we had input on acting performances on set, Patrick took the time to understand our feedback and make adjustments on the spot. Because of this careful attention to detail, we have a large library of videos that will be turned over to the public domain in service of people with autism that we fully expect to have an important impact on clinical practice across the country. We have already begun planning for the next project with Patrick, and we couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Jeffrey Wood, PhD., Professor of Education and Psychiatry
University of California, Los Angeles

You possess a unique blend of technical know-how and creative vision, while working within financial and scheduling timelines. I would recommend you to any business looking to project a professional and high-quality image online.

Marwan Zreik, President
Woodward Laboratories, Los Angeles

You are an excellent partner.

Erin T.

When I knew this would be a full-service, multifaceted video production request –with last-minute demands– there was no question about going with Patrick on this. Patrick's team can do it all: produce, direct, shoot, edit, create motion graphics, do the audio mix in ProTools, mastering, and more. Everything in a single resource. On top of that, he produced these challenging short films with soul and artistry. He would not sacrifice quality at any turn. As a reward, the piece earned multiple compliments and inquiries from members of our C-level audience.

Britt Benston, Creative Director
UCLA Anderson

Our client needed to shoot interviews at an event that was out of town for both our agency and for them. Patrick was a huge help on the ground, scoping out the site and making recommendations about how to best capture the footage and ensure the best, most strategic results. Patrick took extra time and care to deliver a finished product that was well-loved by our client, hanging with us through feedback from multiple parties that extended out over time. His work is of the highest quality, the experience seamless, and I would recommend Patrick to other creative agencies looking for a director/production partner.

Christine Lopez, Client Services Director
The Butler Bros., Austin Texas

Patrick is a pleasure to work with. He brought our vision to life and brought our video to the next level. He was flexible and was able to execute deadlines. His energy and charisma definitely helped. He has a team of talented individuals from scripting, sound, make up, casting, etc. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a sophisticated corporate video.

Melinda Albright, Director of Marketing
Cumming Corporation

I see so many awful, cheeseball spots in our market, it sure is nice to know someone out there knows how to do it right.

Jack Rowland
St. Petersburg Times

An excellent director, extremely easy to work with, and super fun on set.

Jason Randell
What’s Free, Austin Texas

We highly value the outstanding work that this digital agency and its founder and principal, Patrick Ortman, have performed on the College’s behalf for many years. We have always appreciated the imagination and expertise that Patrick has brought to the table.We also want to acknowledge Patrick’s professionalism and integrity, two of the many qualities we also endeavor to model for our students.

Robert Miller, Assistant Dean
Marymount College, Los Angeles

Selecting a producer to create a TV commercial is extremely difficult. I'm a Realtor and hiring Patrick to produce my first TV commercial was absolutely the greatest decision I made. There's no reason to be fearful. Patrick did a phenomenal job and was always available to help me with any questions. Patrick has my business for life!

Kevin Paffrath
The Paffrath Organization, Ventura, California

Having had previous experience working with Patrick, I turned to him to help us create a unique video about our organization. Patrick loves to think outside the box. We needed someone who was not going to follow convention, but throw ideas out of left field - which is exactly what we got. What makes Patrick stand out is that he values ideas before execution. If the idea is great and catchy, he'll figure out a way to make it happen within your time and budget. That there is an awesome partner to create awesome projects.

Hasnain Syed, Creative Director
MPAC, Los Angeles, California

Patrick – these are awesome. Really great work. Thanks to you and your team for all of your work on them.

Holly Djang Carmichael
National Nonprofit Organization

It is my pleasure to recommend you. Your work was done on time, no matter how many obstacles and last minute changes we threw your way, and at a reasonable cost. I'm extremely satisfied with the final product and look forward to working with you again and again in the future.

J. Schroeder, Director of HR
SingerLewak, Los Angeles

A visionary with a great team and the willingness to work side-by-side with his clients' concepts and ideas are only a few of the reasons we enjoyed working with – and will continue to work with Patrick Ortman. Being from a [Design] services industry myself - and being a stickler for quality - I've been impressed with the results of each video production.

Damien Dalli, Chief Product Officer
myLanguage, Los Angeles & San Francisco

Patrick and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with for this project! We had some last minute organizational changes which drastically altered the initial “vision and message” of our video and Patrick pivoted directions without skipping a beat. He did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of our ministry and beautifully presented our story. He turned our “corporate” video into a visual tool that was warm, inviting and captivating. From pre-production, to shooting through editing and post-production, Patrick remained engaged and kept us informed throughout the entire process. We hope to work with Patrick again in the future and highly recommend him to any person, or organization for their video needs.

Guideposts, OurPrayer Connecticut

Patrick is such a talent and really "got" our business to create a video presentation that simply "wowed" the firm. His level of expertise, creative vision and technical proficiency makes him so easy to work with, and instills a level of confidence that anything he does will be great. When he delivers the final product, we know we will always be thrilled.

Ronit Koren, Director of Marketing
SingerLewak, Los Angeles