The Heart of our Video Agency and Commercial Production Company

We've Got Heart

Every video we make starts with finding your story's heart. When you tell a story with heart, it gets shared. It is remembered. And it is acted upon. We combine heart with world-class video production to create commercials, original content/branded entertainment, and some of the world's best corporate videos & brand/launch films.

We Love What We Do

Our emphasis on heart isn't just about the stories we tell. It's in our DNA, it's how we work. We're all about bringing the love and working with our clients as transparently as possible. We're team players, and fun collaborators. We see the big picture, flourish under deadlines, and always endeavor to amaze and delight our clients.

Speaking of clients, we work with brands directly and we work with agency clients. Our direct engagement clients like us because we're the whole package, and advertising agencies like us because they know that they're getting fellow creative thinkers who see the big picture.

We're Keeping It Small

We're a boutique agency, and that's on purpose. We don't force layers of red tape on clients: you get to work with our creative team directly. It makes for better work and a better working experience.

Who We Do It For

Recent clients include MassMutual,, Apple, AT&T, BMW, CapitalOne, IBM, MasterCard, Oxford University Press, PepsiCo, Tufts University, and UCLA. We also work with smaller companies that need to 'look big', who are ready to take their video content up a notch or two. Whether your audience is in the boardroom or the living room, we've got you covered.

In the Press

We have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Toronto Star, St. Petersburg Times, on Japan's NHK Network, Discovery Channel, Fox, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and USA Today. Plus a lot of other media outlets.

Los Angeles, New York, and Beyond

We began in Los Angeles, and quickly expanded to New York a few years later. Today, about half of our projects still come out of LA or New York, with the rest coming from clients located across the United States and the world.

We’ve worked with clients from the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, and various companies in Asia.

Once Upon a Time

We were founded by web pioneer Patrick Ortman, who also created one of the Internet's first web design studios. When the fun stuff moved to video, we did too. We did a lot of cutting-edge web and VR stuff as a digital agency, and that spirit of discovery still drives us today as a video agency.

Some of our Internet “firsts”:

  • The first live rock concert on the web
  • The web’s first multimedia news event
  • Groundbreaking VR for clients including Major League Baseball, Sprite, and the Olympics
  • Early mobisode and web series projects, shown on SprintTV, Blip, and Verizon VCast

The common thread in all the we've done, and all that we do today is this: we are all about telling stories in ways that connect with audiences, and get them to take notice.

We plan to keep on creating stories that engage, educate, and entertain our clients' audiences- no matter what the medium.