The Story

We're Not Just Another Production Company

Our clients come to us because we are way more than just another production company. We're digital storytellers who grew up on the Internet and digital media, and we have dovetailed that experience with Hollywood storytelling methodology. It is a powerful combination, and it gives us a unique set of tools and a point of view that helps our clients' projects succeed. We're not a production company- we are a video agency.

Web/Digital First

You know all those old dinosaur tv commercial production companies and corporate video companies? They don't "get it". What's "it"? The fact that the web- that digital- is king, now.

Well, we "get" it. Because we grew up in it. We helped create it. It is part of who we are, and always has been.

Our Clients

Some of our 'name brand' clients include CapitalOne, MasterCard, BMW, UCLA, PepsiCo, Tufts University, Oxford University Press, and IBM. We have worked with 11 Fortune 500s (so far). We also do a lot of commercial and corporate video work for mid-sized private and publicly-traded companies, special nonprofit organizations, and our TechCrunch-winning startup company projects. And yes, we play well with advertising and digital agencies, too.


And we do get in the press a lot. We (and our work) have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Toronto Star, St. Petersburg Times, on Japan's NHK Network, Discovery Channel, Fox, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and USA Today. To name a few.

Where We Do It

We work all over the planet. But we began in Los Angeles, and quickly expanded to New York a few years later. Today, about half of our projects still come out of LA or New York, with the rest coming from clients located across the US and the world.

We’ve worked with clients from the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, and China, to name a few. Our US clients have come from places like Dallas, Austin, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

Once Upon a Time...

How did we get started? Thanks for asking! We were founded by web pioneer Patrick Ortman (that's the guy whose name is on the URL). He created one of the Internet's first web design studios. And when the fun stuff moved to video and virtual reality, so did we.

Some of our Internet “firsts”:

  • The first live rock concert on the web
  • The web’s first multimedia news event
  • Groundbreaking VR for clients including Major League Baseball, Sprite, and the Olympics
  • Early mobisode and web series projects, shown on SprintTV, Blip, and Verizon VCast

Technology Meets Creativity

Since we were created by a web visionary, we of course got into things like ultra high definition digital cinema, and incorporating high-quality VFX into corporate and web videos way before anybody else. But this new world of digital-first isn't just about technology. It's also about reworking how stories are told, so that they appeal to today's audiences, with today's attention spans, in today's mediums. To do this, you need a video partner who is equal parts technology magician and storytelling sage- and all digital.

About Startups

We love learning new stuff, and we love telling the stories of companies who are bringing something new to the world. The “startup DNA” Patrick brings to the table is why we still choose to work with select startup companies from time to time, alongside the larger projects we do.

The Story Continues

The common thread in all the we've done, and all that we do today is this: we are all about helping our clients tell their stories in ways that make their audiences take notice.

We plan to keep on creating stories that engage, educate, and entertain our clients' audiences- no matter what the medium.